Sunset Wine Cruise


Who would of thought that one could go on a Sunset Wine Cruise in Colorado…well we did and you can too.

In Windsor there is a community called Water Valley where the developer has made numerous man made lakes. These lakes provide the surrounding community with lots of options for fun on the water. Twice a month throughout the summer there is a houseboat that provides a Sunset Wine Cruise offered by Lauren Maines. Lauren believes that wine can be enjoyed by all and makes it easy to understand the different types of wines available. Lauren will also do private events for those who are interested in hosting a wine evening at their home.

Each Wine Cruise offers a different selection of wine and a different theme. Our cruise was celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon. The Wine Cruise included 4 different glasses of wine, lasted about 2 hours, and cost $25 per person. The time of the cruise varies throughout the summer and is set by what time the sun will be setting, ours left at 7:00pm. Our hostess Lauren introduced each wine with a description of the wine, the region it was produced in, and a historical story about wine. I found the information to be quite enjoyable. After each glass and introduction the guest were left to enjoy their glass of wine with lots of conversation and laughter.

The lake is small but quite beautiful. The evening was perfect for the sunset with just the right amount of clouds to make for a striking evening sunset. I found myself quite amazed by the relaxing component of water. When I get out onto the water it is like I am on vacation and it just does not seem like I am only a few miles from home. The stress of the day just disappears with a little wine and a boat ride. It is truly like a mini vacation.

We had a small group of about 6 people and we all really enjoyed our time. The total number of guest on the cruise was around 35. It was a unique experience for our area which made the evening extra fun. I have never been on the Wine Cruise before…I will go again. I actually have already signed up for one at the end of the month.

Extra Tip-the Wine Cruise did not have food. There were just a few snack items, however, we all met at the restaurant in Water Valley called The Grill House prior to going on the cruise…the club house is one of my favorite places in Windsor. It looks out over the Water Valley Golf Course, the lakes, and has panoramic views of the front range. I am not sure if their is a restaurant in our are with a better view. I do recommend having dinner before the Wine Cruise at the Club House…it just makes the night a little extra special.

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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