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When I am working with sellers usually they will ask…”Does staging really help sell a home?”

The answer is “YES!” A staged home should sell faster and for more money than a home that has not been prepared for the market. Sellers who are serious about selling, take the time to make their home ready to present to future buyers.

When sellers go through the process of staging their home, they create a positive first impression. Buyers enjoy walking into a property that is organized and well maintained. Staging is designed to give buyers the best first impression possible when entering into a property. FYI…staging actually begins with curb appeal. The front of a home is truly the first impression and sets the tone for the showing. A realtor will often have a professional stager that they work with and will recommend to a seller. Often part of the cost will be covered by the realtor.

Staging a home can be done at different levels depending on the needs of the property. It also depends on what the seller is willing and able to accomplish. Staging can cost a lot of money or a little. Cost can be managed and tailored to the sellers ability. Staging does take time to accomplish. However, it is worth taking the time to do it right.


For sellers still living in a property while marketing the home for sale, the staging process begins with packing. This usually means packing a lot! A seller should go through the home with their realtor or a professional stager. This will to help the seller to decide what should stay and what should go. I always tell my sellers “you are going to have to pack to move, so you might as well pack up now, and get a head start on the process.” All I can really say is Pack, Pack, Pack!!! The more sellers pack, the larger the home will appear and the buyer will be able to imagine themselves living in the home. Believe it or not the other basic staging practice is a deep clean. Clean Sells… and the Cleaner the Better!!!

Sometimes a professional stager or a realtor will recommend painting. New paint sells a home. If a seller is willing to paint the property themselves, it will give a huge impact, for a minimal cost. Make sure to ask a professional stager for recommendations on paint colors. The last thing a seller wants to do is paint and then have to repaint if the color choice is off.

Tips: The basic staging tips are:
*Pack, Pack, Pack
*Clean, Clean, Clean
*Paint with the right color

If a home is vacant the staging process can be more extensive. Staging a vacant home can be furnishing the entire home or maybe just the main living spaces. Staging a vacant home will give a property an up-to-date high style appeal to buyers. Staging will also give an empty home a homie feel. Well done staging will help the home appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers.This can also include painting areas of the home and of course a deep clean.

Finally, staging will put the property above the competition. If the goal is to sell the home for the most money and as quick as possible, then staging is a must.

Personal Notes:
Staging will help to accomplish the following items…
*Shows Pride of Ownership
*Give a Positive Impression
*Removes Clutter
*Gives a Fresh Appearance
*Transforms Rooms
*Makes homes appear Light and Bright
*Makes a home feel Inviting

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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