Why I Love Living in Northern Colorado


Top 5 Reason for Living in Northern Colorado

When I was running the other day in Pine Ridge Open Space, I just started to think, how truly lucky I am to live here. I love where I have raised my family, called home, and worked over the past 26ish years.

I moved to Northern Colorado when I married my amazing husband. Our family has lived in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. We have made our lives here and raised our family in Northern Colorado. Raising our children in this area has been a blessing in so many ways.

I have come up with the Top 5 Reasons I love living in Northern Colorado. These are all personal opinions, maybe you will find them helpful.

#1 Our Community

The development of our community has happened over 100’s of years. I love all of the different areas we can choose to live in. The Old Town area of Fort Collins is one of my favorite spots to visit and walk around. When in Old Town I love seeing families, college students, retirees, and everyone in between enjoying the area. In Old Town there are wonderful restaurants, breweries, and shops. There are places to sit and eat an ice cream while enjoying the splash pad on hot summer days. It is a place where all can come to enjoy what our community has to offer.

The Northern Colorado Community is a welcoming area, rich with opportunities. I have found our residence and our community to be very welcoming to new neighbors and fellow employees. When someone walks down the street people will say “Hi” and help answer questions. For the most part people seem positive and happy while interacting with others. I am hoping as we continue to grow and welcome people from around the world, that we continue to adopt our welcoming, helpful attitudes.

Along with our willingness to help others, our community feels very safe. When our children were growing up it was nice not worrying about them when they were out and about. That does not mean that I did not worry about them as people, but I always felt like they were safe in our community.

#2 Education

The Northern Colorado area provides students with wonderful educational choices. Along with our public education system we also have private opportunities for our youth. Northern Colorado consistently supports and improves our educational opportunities. The public school systems is building new schools to keep up with our growth. Chris and I are so pleased with our children’s experiences throughout their education. They attended wonderful schools at each level with highly educated and thoughtful teachers. Their education was well rounded with a focus on experiencing Colorado and all it has to offer at each level.

Colorado State University is a major contributor to our community with a thriving higher educational experience. The variety of community events and educational opportunities the college brings to the public is vast.

As our children were growing up we took them to CSU’s Campus often for music events, public speakers, and athletic events. As a family, we have truly enjoyed the easy access to the university and all it has to offer. I personal believe that our access to CSU has had an impact on our children going onto higher education and achieving there personal goals through their expand educational experiences. I love having CSU in our community, it has been a blessing to us.

#3 Easy Access to Recreation

Many people move to our area for the Outdoor Lifestyle. We have over 300 days of sunshine and pretty mild weather. We also get to enjoy all of the seasons which allows for a variety of outdoor activities. The communities in our area have made it a priority to incorporate parks, biking trails, and hiking trails throughout. It is amazing to me how many people take full advantage of our outdoor recreation areas. Even in the winter months you will see people riding their bikes to work or running on the trails in the foothills. Over all we live in a healthy community that values outdoor recreation and being active. I am truly grateful that we have been able to pass along this love for the outdoors to our children. It has also allowed us to create many wonderful memories over the years!


In our area we also have access to multiple lakes and rivers. This allows for us to enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, rafting, boating, and fishing. We are literally 15 minutes away from all of these opportunities and more.

#4 Easy Access to The Mountains

Northern Colorado sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains. We are about 45 minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park. It is easy for us to take a day and just get away from everything. We are also close to multiple nationally recognized ski areas. It is possible to ski and golf in the same day. For our family the access to the mountains has been key in our lifestyle. We hike in the summer months and ski in the winter months. I can not imagine life any other way. When life gets too busy we just disappear to the mountains for a day or two and everything seems better. The mountains are a great place to take time to reset!

#5 Denver

As wonderful as it is to get away to the mountains it is just as wonderful to visit the city. Denver is also about 45 minutes away and offers all a big city can. We have a wonderful international airport which supports both business travel and personal travel all around the world. I find our airport easy to access and easy to maneuver.

Denver also has numerous museums to visit and professional sports teams to watch. Boardway Plays come to the Buell Theater and music groups play at the Pepsi Center. Red Rocks is one of the most famous music venues in the World and musicians travel from all parts of the world to play there. It is a unique and beautiful venue, I highly recommend attending a concert at Red Rocks. Denver even has an amusement park offering thrill seeking roller coaster. It is easy to go to Denver for a day or stay the weekend, all is possible.

When I was running and thinking about writing this blog I thought it was going to be super easy, however, I was wrong, it has been quite difficult for me. It is hard to put in words all of what our area has to offer. What I can say is that we have loved living here and raising our family here. The options and opportunities seem to be endless. Even after living here for over 26 years, there is still more to experience. I am often surprised at how much I love searching out new opportunities. I also enjoy searching out the past history of the area. The area is always changing!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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