Change is in the Air!!!


My Personal Story, Change

Change is in the air. Not only for myself and my family, but also for many of my friends. From new careers, to new family members, and to final good-byes, we have all seen a lot of change over the past year.

As far as work goes, I am in a industry that revolves around change. With every purchase or sale it is about change for my clients. Therefore, it is important to be understanding and aware of how difficult change can be. Even when the change is positive, it is still change, and requires time to process.

In our world of change this year, it has been vast. We have been blessed to see our oldest daughter get married. The wedding was at my family’s home where Chris and I also got married over 26 years ago. It was a wonderful event and we welcomed a new son-in-law into the family. (Chris is excited to have another guy, finally.) Watching your family grow is a blessing but it also takes time to adjust. Shortly after the wedding, we helped Allie and Royal move from Colorado to Seattle to start their new life together. Chris and I are very excited for them. However, we truly miss having them closer to home!

We have sent our youngest Cassie, to school in France this spring and then to spend the summer on the east coast for an internship. Now she is back in Savannah for her senior year at SCAD. We have missed being able to spend more time with her. However, cell phones and Facetime make the distance manageable. Since she is graduating in spring of 2020, there is lots of change in store for her!!! I am sure we will be helping with another move.

As parents, you want your children to grow into fine you adults. To graduate from college and start their careers. Then to meet someone and fall in love, buy a home, and start a family. These changes are wonderful and sad at the same time. The family you once had for 20 plus years and the roles you played are no longer, new roles must be developed, and families must evolve.

Chris, is in his final year of teaching at Fort Collins High School. He has been a teacher and coach for the past 28 years. It has been an amazing journey. Chris is now trying to decide what to do next. There are many paths for him to choose. The process of redefining yourself can be an excellent opportunity, yet challenging at the same time. I wonder what doors he will open and how these changes will affect both of us. His potential is endless!

For me, I am playing the supportive role, watching all of my loved ones move on with their lives. However, all of the change is still challenging for me to process. As your children grow older, and your family changes, it takes time to find your new role again. I love being a mother, a wife, and a career person. Each change in our lives over the past year, has affected each of my roles in different ways. I have decided to acknowledge the challenge of change, love each opportunity it brings, and embrace the impact it brings to our lives. I know that not all days or changes are easy, but I (we) will thrive.

As I get older, I find myself more reflective than I once was. Now, I actually have experiences to reflect on. It is crazy how quickly life passes. Change is a apart of our narrative. It has lead us down some amazing paths and opened doors for us to walk thru. Change has continued to more us forward in our lives. I wonder what life will bring us over the next few years. Where will we be? Where will our children be? Who will we be welcoming into our family? The possibilities are vast:)

I am blessed to be able to share all of these changes with the people I love.

Embrace Change!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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