The Gift of Time, before Selling a Home.


The Gift of Time, before Selling a Home.

There are so many days when we wish we had time to do all of those extra things we never time for. For many of us, recently we have been given this gift. When it comes to selling and moving it takes time and it usually takes more time than we think it will.

What can I do to make a difference in my home, if I am thinking of listing in the near future?

First, if you are considering selling your home within the next few months. Take the time to purge. I would pick one room at a time and go through each item to determine if you want to keep it or not. Moving a home can be very expensive and if you are paying a moving company to move you, the price will add up quickly. Moving companies charge by weight and amount of items. The more you purge before moving, the less you have to move, which will save you money. Even if you are moving yourself purging will decrease with the amount of packing material required, which will also save money. In addition, the less you have to move the less time it will take you to move your current home, into your new home. Right now is a great time to purge. Once you have gone through each area of the home it is time to move onto the next step.

Second, I would recommend taking this time to start packing. Packing up a home takes a lot longer than most of us realize. All of us have many items tucked away in the corner of cabinets that we only use a few times a year. Our shelves are lined with books and knickknacks that we love, but could pack away so pack them before going on the market. Plus, a home that has minimal items out shows better. A seller wants a home to show as large and open as possible. The best way to create this reality for the potential buyers, that walk through your home is to pack, pack, and pack!

The fact of the matter is, that the more you pack now the less you have to pack later. If you are moving you will be packing, so you might as well get a jump start.

Third, after you have purged and packed it is now a great time to do some touch up painting. Some might need to consider painting total rooms in their homes. Paint is the cheapest way to give an updated look to a home. Paint can make a home bright, fresh, and feel new/newer. I would choose neutral colors for painting areas in your home. Even though we love our colors, changing bright bold colors for neutral colors will help other in vision their own items in the home. You might love the color purple, someone else might really not like it. The colors you paint in your home can impact potential offers on your home.

In addition, touching up the trim and doors with fresh paint is highly recommended. Often the trim will get dinged up, painting it will make it look clean and well maintained. Potential buyers like a home that shows pride of ownership and fresh paint will help to create the impression of pride of ownership.

Fourth, if there are any small projects that need to be completed now would be an excellent time. Especially, if there are projects that have been started but not yet completed. It is vital for the sale of a property to have all unfinished projects completed.

Finally, a home shows best when it is clean. Deep cleaning is the best way to show pride of ownership. This would include cleaning the windows. It is amazing the impact that clean windows have on how well a home shows to potential buyers. In addition, cleaning the carpets is crucial for the home to show well to potential buyers.

When a seller takes the time to show a house in its best condition possible it makes a difference on the sale of the property. Doing the above items although seem simple, will assist sellers in selling their homes faster and often for a higher price. I highly recommend taking this time to set up your home for its future sale.

It could increase the sale of your home by thousands of dollars!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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