These 4 Walls are Changing


Wow, what a year 2020/2021 has been and no one could of even guessed. Inside our homes, we have had to support more activities than ever before.

Our homes have become our everything.

For some, being at home has been quite enjoyable. Many of us started working on projects we have been wanting to complete for years. Remodeling and home repair project have dramatically increased over the past year, some by choice, some by necessity.

Another aspect that has change for many over this pass year is their commute to work. Taking time for ourselves, instead of having to commute to the office has been a breath of fresh air, from the hustle bustle of everyday life. While the commute has become obsolete and people have gotten used to going to the office in their PJ’s, it has also taken a toll on how we live in our homes.

Who would of thought in 2019, that we needed multiple offices in one home for ourselves, our loved ones, and our kids. Our homes have functioned differently over the past year or so. Our homes have become our offices, our schools, and our workout centers. Since we now live in our homes very differently, many people have decided to make a move, either within their current communities or maybe to new communities.

Now, the world is starting to move forward again and life is still changing. Many individuals have been told that they do not need to return to the office or they will only be returning on a limited schedule. What we thought was a temporary work scenario looks to be more permanent and people are making adjustments accordingly.

Many people in the work force now have the opportunity to work from where ever they would like to live. The reality is, that working remotely is allowing people to change their lives. If you could keep your paycheck and live anywhere…where would you chose to live? For many that choice seems to be Colorado.

I personally, have been working with multiple families this past year who have chosen to move here since their work has now evolved into a completely remote situation. Colorado has space for people to move around and not just to be locked up in an apartment building. Northern Colorado offers an active outdoor lifestyle, while still having the modern day conveniences of living in the city. For many people the mountains, with great hiking, and biking trails are just steps away. We have access to world class skiing and mountain biking. There are lots of parks to play in, rivers to fish, and lakes to swim in.

In addition to the outdoor lifestyle, we have great restaurants to enjoy and a vibrant arts community. Northern Colorado also has easy access to higher education opportunities such as Colorado State University.
With Denver just a short drive away, it is easy to enjoy everything a large city has to offer from sporting events, to concerts, and even roller coasters. I understand that it is a slow transformation back to some of these activities, but when they come back, we are right here to enjoy all of them.

Many areas in Colorado also offer a simpler slower pass for individuals to enjoy. Since we have had time to reflect on our lives and what we want…simpler might be better for some. Being able to take a run from your home or walk to the river to fish could be just what the doctor ordered.

There are over 300 days of sun and we have all 4 seasons. When you start to get tired of the hot summer days fall is just around the corner, snow is on the horizon.  It is hard to put into words all that Colorado has to offer. It is a wonderful state to call home. I know that I am blessed to live here and I believe many would say the same thing.

If you are thinking about changing your 4 walls and would like to relocate to a great area, then Northern Colorado could be just the right fit

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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