What would I do while visiting Fort Collins?


Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area are wonderful places to visit. In fact, many people come here to visit or go to college and never leave. This is a great place to make your forever home!

Here is what I would do if I were visiting the Fort Collins area.

First, I would pack for all types of weather. Especially, when visiting in the spring or fall months. There are days when we can experience 3 different seasons within a 24 hour period of time. In the mornings and evenings, it can be quite chilly, but during the day it can get quite warm, since we have mostly sunny days. If you are visiting in the summer it will typically be hot and dry. If you are visiting in the winter you will want to bring a coat and you might needs some boots for snow. Not only will you want a variety of cloths because of the weather, but also because of the various activities you may do.

Where to Stay…
I would stay in the Old Town area of Fort Collins. There are two wonderful hotels in Old Town Fort Collins that I would recommend.
The Armstrong Hotel is located directly on College Avenue and is the oldest hotel in the area. The Armstrong Hotel originally opened in 1923 and has been a hotel ever since. The hotel has recently gone through a complete renovation in 2019. I have been in the hotel prior to the renovation and following. The newly renovated hotel honors the history of the hotel and the Fort Collins community. It is a beautiful blend of historic preservation and modern day exceptions.

In addition, I would recommend The Elizabeth Hotel in Old Town Fort Collins. The Elizabeth is a modern hotel which opened in 2018. The Hotel is a signature property for The Marriott Collection. The hotel gives a nod to the history of music. Each room has its own turntable and records can be checked out from the front desk. Guest may also check out guitars to play in the lounge or in their own private rooms. In the evenings on the weekends, in the lounge there is live music. The hotel offers one main restaurant and 3 bar area.

Both hotels offer walk-ability to shopping, bars, and restaurants in the Old Town area.

I would enjoy the historic Old Town area. Walking around Old Town and enjoying the sites is quite enjoyable. There are quaint shops, wonderful restaurants, and many different drinking establishments. Most of the shops and restaurants in the Old Town area are locally owned small businesses.

There are two many places to name for dining options, it will mostly depend upon what you are craving in the moment. Most of our restaurants offer outdoor dining options even in the middle of winter. Sitting outside, enjoying a drink, and food, is a common experience in Fort Collins. It is absolutely one of my favorite things to do.

Fort Collins is becoming well know for all of the Micro Breweries, so if beer is your thing we have plenty of options. The Micro Breweries are scattered all over the community. There are multiple Micro Breweries in the Old Town area which are walk-able from either of the Old Town hotels. When it come to Micro Breweries just go and try. I am sure you will find plenty of beer to enjoy. Many of the breweries offer outdoor seating areas and live music. Some of them offer food or may have food trucks during certain times of the week.

Getting Outdoors…
Colorado as a whole revolves around outdoor recreation, Fort Collins is no different. While in the Fort Collins, I would go for a hike/walk around The Horsetooth Reservoir.  The reservoir sits on the west side of Fort Collins and offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, paddle boarding, and boating. There are multiple trails to hike/walk that everyone can enjoy. You will need to buy a parks pass for the day to enjoy the area. I will warn you, they do tickets cars often throughout the day so a pass is highly recommended! On the west side of the reservoir is Lory State Park which also offers a multitude of trails for both hiking and biking. The entire area offers beautiful views of Fort Collins, especially in the early mornings and evenings. This area is open for enjoyment all year long.

The Poudre River which runs through Fort Collins offers water activities from rafting to fishing. The drive up the Poudre River canyon is beautiful all year long. If you take the afternoon to drive up the canyon I would pack a lunch to enjoy along the riverbank. There are multiple spots to park and walk down to the river. This area is well worth taking an afternoon to explore.

I would say that getting out and enjoying the outdoor recreation opportunities is truly what Colorado is all about. The more you enjoy the outdoors the more you will love Colorado!

Other Options…
There are lots of other options depending on what types of activities you enjoy. Visiting the CSU campus is lots of fun especially if you have children who may be considering going to college in Colorado. The campus will offer tours to perspective students and their families. If you are here during a college football game and you enjoy football attending a game is quite easy and enjoyable.

Fort Collins also has many galleries in Old Town and the Art Museum has different exhibits throughout the year to visit. For a smaller museum they bring in some truly wonderful exhibits to enjoy.

For the kiddos, we have the Discovery Museum that focuses on Colorado history and the development of our area over the years. The Discovery Museum also houses a planetarium where you can go and watch multiple different movies about the area and our planet. The planetarium is an enjoyable experience for all ages.

This is just a bit of information about things to do in our area. I hope you enjoy Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. There is truly so many different types of things to do, so the adventure is yours to create!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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