Flower Pots…that extra touch of color


I love flowers and the beautiful colors they bring to any out door space. For me, I enjoy beautiful flowers on my back deck. Therefore, each spring around Mother’s Day we will plant our flower pots.

Step 1-pick a pot or planter that you enjoy and will fit your space. Some pots can be very expensive especially when you are buying multiples so shop around. Today there are so many choices!!!

Step 2-once you have your pot fill it will good rich potting soil about 2” from the top. Then water it down and add more if needed.

Step 3-start in the middle of the pot with your focus plant/flower. I usually put the plant that will get the tallest in the middle. However, if your planter is in a corner or against a wall you might want to put the tallest plant in the middle on the back side of the pot.

Step 4-work your way around the pot with your flowers. I rotate the type of flowers around the edge to give the planter a variety of color and types of flowers as one looks at it. This will add viewing interest as the flowers grow throughout the summer.

Step 5-along the edge in a few spots make sure to plant some flowers that will hang over the edge giving a cascading feel. Vines are a great choice for this look or cascading flowers. The nurseries can help guide you on what will provide a wonderful cascading look.

6th-water well!!!

Give it about a week or so and you will be amazed at how well your flowers are going. In about two weeks the plants will typically fill in the pot.

Some Helpful Hints:

Nurseries are great places to go to find the right type of plant for your planters. The staffs are usually very helpful and often they will have a larger variety of plants for you to choose from.

Pick flowers that work for your Sunlight…some flowers really like sun and some really like shade this is an important part of picking your flowers!!!

Water is everything…planters seem to dry our very quickly and plants do not like to be growing is dry dirt. The planters/pots will need to be watered daily. This was difficult for me to remember…so my amazing husband has our pots hooked to your drip system which waters them daily. This has made a world of difference in their survival, growth, and over beauty!

Finally, Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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