Selling Your Home…?


The process of selling a home is a personal decision unique to each individual seller. The reasons for selling vary dramatically so the process needs to be personalized.

A Realtor should be able to look at your property through a professional lens. Then they can construction a process that works best for the home owner.

There are a few items that are a constant in the process of selling a home.

Step 1-one must decide to sell their home.
Step 2-once one has made the decision to sell…reach out to a Realtor.
Step 3-make the home ready for the market
Step 4-list the home on the market
Step 5-accept an offer
Step 6-move to the next stag in your life

The above steps are very brief in their description, each of the above steps will vary for each seller…selling a home is a complex process but will worth it once it is completed.

Some Helpful Hints…

I suggest sellers talk with a Realtor before doing anything to their home…Why?…Quality Realtors will be able to help sellers navigate the selling process. Realtors can help sellers see the whole picture from the beginning of the process to the end.

Realtors will help sellers decide on a pricing strategy…this will depend on the market and the sellers personal situation.

Realtors will advise a seller on what needs to be completed on the property prior to putting the home on the market.

Realtors will work with professionals in the area to market your property to its full potential.

Realtors will provide and prepare the necessary paper work to list your home and get it under contract.

I truly believe that a Realtor can save home owners thousands of dollars and lots of time when a property is being sold. 1st-They do this by advising the seller on where to best put their money if any repairs need to be made to the property. 2nd-They can save a seller time and time is money. 3rd-A Realtor should be able to get you the most money for your home once it is listed. 4th-Sometimes a Realtor might encourage a seller to not sell your home…it just might not be the right time or give the seller what they are hoping for in the end.

The Realestate market changes often and a Realtor will understand the plus of what is selling, how, and why. Realtors are there to help make sure the selling process goes as smoothly as possible. It is a Realtors profession to assist a sell through the entire process from beginning to end to make sure the sellers gets the most value for their home.

In the end…selling a home is a personal decision for all home owners…if one decides to sell or not to sell it is up to them!!!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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