It’s an Art Thing, The Lyric


There is something for everyone in Northern Colorado.

If you are open to or looking for a different experience in the arts and the theater then The Lyric could be just the place for you.

The Lyric has been a part of the Fort Collins Community since 1915 when it was a local theater at 131 East Mountain Ave. The theater provided the community with silent films and then “talkies.” The original theater in old town was torn down in 1962.

When The Lyric theater opened again it was also located in the Old Town of Fort Collins and has recently moved to the North end of College in 2016. The new theater and art space was custom built to reflect its current identity within Northern Colorado. The Lyric is a privately owned and independent theater. The Lyric currently provides 3 indoor theaters and one outdoor theater. It showcases a variety of films throughout the year. The films will include smaller budget films and foreign films, the theater allows movie goers to see films that may not appear in the larger corporate movie theaters. The theater spaces are smaller, the seating is unconventional, and allows for relaxing while viewing the shows. However, the outdoor theater and gathering space is quite large. There are a variety of shows there during the warmer weather months in Colorado.

Today, The Lyric theater offers so much more than viewing films. The Lyric has a full bar and restaurant. There is space for independent local artists to showcase and sell their work. It provides space for gallery shows which change throughout the year. It also has a stage for live music, improv, and comedic acts.  In addition, there are gaming events  and trivia nights each week for people to participate in. The emphasis is for locals who love the arts to have a place to share them, enjoy them, and to expand the ability to access the arts.

Personally, I am a huge supporter of the arts and love to see people’s individual expression. It is wonderful that entrepreneurs in Northern Colorado have the want and the will to support the alternative arts. I will say that The Lyric might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK.

On their website there is information for all of the upcoming events for people to enjoy.
All of the spaces in The Lyric are available to rent and reserved for private parties .

The Lyric is constantly changing and evolving, it often shows foreign films, and allows for multiple artistic impressions to be viewed.

If you are looking for something that is not your everyday mainstream location, The Lyric could be just the right fit.

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by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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