Why I Shop Locally


Since we are approaching the Holidays I thought I would share this personal story and thoughts.

Growing up my parents owned a business in a small community in the Mountains of Idaho. Since my parents owned their business they understood the struggles and stress every business experiences.

My Mom…always focused on supporting other businesses in our home town. Many times my family could of saved money be choosing to shop somewhere else…Mom always thought that we needed to support the families in our area. My mom always shopped in the locally owned small businesses. As a young adult, I did not always see it…now, I see it!

What makes a great community, where people want to live…is made up by a variety of reasons. I believe one of those reasons is a live vibrant social life that offers lots of options. This includes filled retail shops. If we want the ability to go window shopping around our communities…we also have to go and purchase products in those brick and mortar shops.

I personally know that sometimes I can save money by shopping online, however, I choose to shop in my local community. I shop in both small business stores and big box store but I do it locally. I am always able to find what I need and I know that my money is helping to support business growth in our area. The businesses in our area also employee people in our area and by shopping in the area I help to support their job security. It truly makes me so sad when I see small businesses in our area close.

In addition the taxes, I pay when purchasing products locally support our schools, firefighters, policy, and a vast number of our resource we rely on daily.

I shop locally because my Mom taught me a very valuable lesson…I love where I live, the businesses in our area, and the people who make our community extra special.

Our Community: We are truly blessed to live in Northern Colorado…we have so many wonderful shops around us to enjoy and support. I hope this encourages others to get out and support the businesses in our area and the families that own them and work in them. I believe that our community will be stronger with our support!!!

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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