An Evening at The Gallery


The Fort Collins Museum of Art also known as MOA is proud to offer multiple exhibits throughout the year. The fall exhibit presented by MOA this year is Pigskin Peanuts by Charles Schlutz. The exhibit will be held from now until January 6, 2019.

With every exhibit that comes to MOA I try to make it a point to go and view the artwork. I have had the opportunity to see The Pigskin Peanuts show and it is well worth the visit.

Charles Schultzs is an American Icon, he is created with being the most influential cartoonist, known for his Peanuts Cartoons in the Sunday morning paper. Charles Schultzs wrote and illustrated every cartoon. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstolk, Lucy, and the gang often played tricks on each other throughout the comic strip. It was always lighthearted fun and readers would wonder what they were going to do next. During his life Charles Schultz created more than 18,000 carton strips for publishing. Making this the longest story every told by a single person.

We are truly blessed to have an exhibit of Charles Schultzs’ work here in Fort Collins right now at The MOA.

The Pigskin Peanuts exhibit focuses on the “Fall Classic”-Lucy Pulling the Football away from Charlie Brown just as he went to kick the ball. I remember reading this cartoon as a young person…feeling sorry for Charlie Brown but also laughing. All of the pieces in the exhibit focus around most Americans favorite fall spot…Football.

As I walked around the exhibit viewing the incredible creative artwork that has spanned a career of over 50 years I was amazed. I enjoyed the whimsy of the drawings, the puny stories, and the walk down memory lane. The exhibit has the ability to take one back to their childhood.

The Pigskin Peanuts exhibit does require the visitor to not only look at the work but also to read the story lines. I would highly recommend taking the time to visit the exhibit and plan on about an hour to really engage in the pieces on display. In addition on each 1st Friday of the month the downtown district offers a gallery walk from 5:00-9:00. The entrance fee to the museum is free during the 1st Friday Gallery Walk.

We are so blessed to have The Museum of Art in our community. The museum focus’ on bringing a rich, vibrant, array of artwork, and artist for us to enjoy. With each exhibit that MOA offers, there are multiple opportunity for the public to get involved from workshop about the artist to creative offering for one to try, and gallery walks. To find out detailed information on The Pigskin Peanuts Exhibit and others make sure to visit their website which is linked into this write-up. In addition the site will inform you of other exhibits coming soon.

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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