The Ballpark is Open


Once again it is time to head out to the Ballpark and enjoy the game of Baseball. The Colorado Rockies season has begun.

It has been a long year with little to do…It is time to go see The Colorado Rockies Play Ball. The ballpark is open for the season, the hot dogs are grilling, and the organ is playing. Our family went to the opening weekend at Coors Field to watch the Rockies play the Dodgers. It has been over a year since fans have been able to attend a Rockies games in person. We were so excited to go, but were wondering what it was going to be like.

Here is our experience from a fans perspective. First, we were surprised that we were even able to get tickets for the game. We bought our tickets just a few days prior to the start of the season. Not only were we able to get seats, we were able to get really good seats on the 3rd baseline about 20 rows up. It was an evening game and the weather was perfect which is not always the case for Spring Ball in Colorado.

We arrived in Denver early and walked around the stadium area. We decided to go to The View House for a pregame drink and appetizers. The View House is located about a block away from Coors Field and is an easy walk. We were lucky and were seated on the top level of the restaurant on the exterior deck. We had views of downtown Denver and Coors Field. The atmosphere was lively, the drinks were refreshing, and the nachos were perfect for us to share. If you head to the game early I recommend a trip to The View House, but be ready to wait for a table since it is a very popular restaurant.

Next, we walked to the stadium which took about 3 minutes. The crowds of people were starting to gather, but it was not as crowed as usual. Once we were inline to get into the stadium we were spaced out to comply with the Colorado guidelines. Everyone was wearing mask and seemed to be willing to comply with the rules and regulations. It did not take long to get into the stadium and once inside there were quite a few people but everyone was still wearing their mask. For the most part it was easy to stay with your group and socially distance yourself from others.

The Coors Field occupancy is currently set at about 50% of capacity. When we got to our seats we were in groups of either two or four. The seats were roped off where people were not allowed to sit and each row had staggered seating. We were asked to keep our mask on while in our seats unless we were eating or drinking. Periodically, we were reminded to keep our mask on through out the game.

For us, it was wonderful to be in the stadium again, hearing the crowd cheer, and the organ play was an encouraging sign of moving back to a more normal setting. Our family had a great time, the stadium vibe was positive, and everyone seemed happy to be there. All of the vendors and the apparel shops were open. Of course we enjoyed a grilled hot dog, some funnel cake, and a beer. It felt almost normal.

I recommend a trip to the ballpark for a family outing. Being fans and cheering on The Rockies was a welcomed change from the past year. If you are willing to abide by the rules then this is a great event to attend.

Go Rockies!!!

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by Tamara Suppes,Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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