The MAX Transit System was opened May 10, 2014. The bus runs on the West side of College Ave from the South Transit Center just South of Harmony to the North side in
Old Town Fort Collins.

The MAX has 12 stations/stops for People to easily access the system. Along the route there are easy access points to many of the our biking and walking trails. Each MAX bus will allow up to 4 bikes on it at a time. If there are already 4 bikes on the MAX bus and you have a bike, you will need to take the next bus. The buses run about every 10mins along the 5 mile route.

To be quite open with you…when I heard about the MAX Transit plan…I really thought that it would not be used…I was completely wrong. The MAX route is used by thousands of people weekly. It has really opened up an easy route from our Mid-Town area into the Old Town community. It is also regularly used by our CSU staff and students. All students and staff are given a free annual pass to ride the transit system.

For a daily pass the fair is $3.00 and kids under 17 ride for free. There are multiple options for passes, if you are interested, go to the following site for detailed information. All in All…the MAX Transit System has been a welcomed addition to our community. I am hoping that there are plans for future expansion.