A Lunch Date at Union Restaurant


It is a beautiful spring day, a good friend and I finally get a chance to meet up for a long over do lunch. We picked some where new and hoped for the best….

We met at Union in Old Town Fort Collins, it is a newer restaurant in the area that neither of us have eaten there. The Union opened in February 2018. It is a beautiful modern building with a high end touch of style but it feels very welcoming. It boost tons of light and space with in an indoor/outdoor design which is very Fort Collins.

We are seated just inside the large open doors, this provides us the comfort of being inside with the feeling of being outside. We look outside onto the spacious courtyard eating area. The courtyard is nicely landscaped with a middle section set aside with a couple games of Cornhole. Around the perimeter are large comfy booths and picnic tables shaded by the combination of Mature Trees and Umbrellas. I truly impressed by the design, style, and setting. The space is perfect in Colorado especially since we enjoy over 300 days of sun each year.

If you are scared of trains this is not the right location for you since it sits just to the side of the train tracks that run through our old town area right off of Jefferson St. While we are there the train comes by twice…it is very loud to say the least as it blares its horn for the crossing. I think the conductor is truly just having fun with us while we enjoy a beautiful afternoon…I don’t blame him if he is just a little bit jealous. The train is a signature to our Old Town area and it is just a reminder of living in the area.

Our food is wonderful and the menu is quite unique for our area. It is casual in its offerings with a creative unique spin. I order the BuckTown which is a Hot Chicken Sandwich and an Ice Tea since I need to work. However, I really wanted to have one of the Adult Shakes that are on the menu…next time for sure. I can’t wait to go back with my husband. My husband and I did come back the following week for Dinner and Drinks, highly recommend indulging yourself with an adult shake.

Union is just another great example of why more and more people are discovering our
area and wanting to be a part of Fort Collins. I would make sure to put it on your list of
places to go.

Link to Union Restaurant