Our Weekly Hiking Trip Horsetooth Falls


This morning the alarm went off a little earlier than most days. My daughter Cassie and I had to bet the heat of the day for our weekly…ish hike. This is the first of many for the summer.

We choose Horsetooth Falls Loop Trail which is about 2.9 miles. The hike starts up above the reservoir a the base of Horsetooth Rock. There are multiple hikes, runs, and mountain biking trails that one can take from this point.

We park in the lot and bought our day pass for hiking which is $7.00 or one can buy a season pass for the parks which I will be picking up before our next hike. This is a very popular location for hiking so there are many others getting ready for their hikes at the same time.

The trail is easy to follow and raps around the foothills. Along the way we met other hikers and share a happy hello. Many of the hikers have their dogs with them which is allowed as long as they are on a leash. As we hike futher down the trail the area becomes lush and green due to the water running down the small creek from the falls.

Depending on the time of year and the amount of rain we have received will make the
falls larger or smaller. This time the falls are smaller but still quite beautiful and relaxing. There is a small wading pool at the bottom of the falls one can relax in. It is also possible to sit under the falling water to cool off before heading back down the trail.

Today, there are kids playing in the water at the base of the falls and even a little dog…we named him Scout…we really do not know the dogs name but he looked like a Scout to us.

Horsetooth Falls is a great easy hike one can take with easy access from Fort Collins. If you are new to the area or just starting to venture down the hiking trail…this is one for you and your family. Make sure to take a little snack and some water with you. On the trail you will see wild flowers, birds, and deer. Sometimes one might see a rattle snake so it is something to watch out for. Today we only saw flowers and birds.

On a side note…I have been running in this area at least once a week every summer for the last 15 years and I have only seen one rattle snake so they are not common but they are up there so you should be careful!