The Process of Purchasing a Home


Making dreams come true through home ownership, the process of purchasing a home
starts with a feeling. It is a want to make a home for yourself.

I remember when my husband and I decided to buy our 1st home…it was scary and
exciting all at the same time. It was an adventure that has helped us grow as a couple
and provide a stable life for our family.

Owning a home in our country is almost like a right of passage. It says…I have made
it…I can take care of myself today and in the future. Home ownership is truly a huge
part of our portfolio in the United States and it helps us more towards financial freedom.

However, the only way we start that process is by purchasing our first property.
There are a few simple steps everyone should take to make their hope of home
ownership a reality. Below is a graphic that outlines the basic steps one goes through
when purchasing a property.

I will break down the process shown in the graphic about in more detail in future Blogs.
The information is truly too much for one write up on the process.

I will leave you with two thoughts if you are wanting to get started.

First, find a Realtor that you feel comfortable working with. Realtors are very
knowledgeable about the process, areas, and the market, it is their job to help you
navigate your home purchases. Your Realtor will help you make the best decision for
personal needs.

In addition and this is my second point…most realtors work with quality local lenders
they can refer you to. This is important on many levels, mainly… you will know what you
qualify for so you will look at properties that you can afford.

You should be proud of yourself for starting down the path of home ownership. Best of
luck with your future Home, Super Exciting!!!