A Local Adventure at a National Brewery


Fort Collins Colorado is the home of many micro brewery businesses, however, prior to the micro brewery movement Budweiser built a massive plant on the North Side of Fort Collins.

Budweiser opened their facility in 1988 and has been brewing beer non-stop in the area ever since. The Fort Collins plant provides beer to the Western Region of the United States. One thing that makes the Fort Collins Brewery extra special is that…The brewery site is home to the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses. The Clydesdale Horses are a special treat to see in person.

Our family went out to see the Brewery Lights on display for the Holidays. This is actually a great family event for all to enjoy. The display is outside of the gift shop area. When visiting the holiday lights display, one can gather around a fire pit to warm up, and roast some marshmallows, or make a Smore’s. The kids can run around the lights display while having a good time playing outside.

In addition,when we were there the Clydesdale Horses were in the stables, and we were able to visit them. The Clydesdale’s are often out on tour so when they are in town, it is a great time to go for a visit. The horses are massive and beautiful to see in person, along with the barn where they reside. Inside the barn visitors can read up on the history of the Clydesdale Horses and see the Budweiser Wagons.

There are many options when visiting the brewery, which can include a tour of the brewery. We were able to go on a tour, I was not allowed to take pictures. The tour was informative, interesting. It is amazing how much beer is manufactured a year through the brewery. We were told the amount, but to be honest I can not remember the exact volume.

Once visitors have completed the tour they can sample many of the different beers brewed onsite. The tour ends in the gift shop, so it is a great time to pick up a souvenir, or small gift for the beer lover in the family.

We have been out to the brewery multiple times over the years. I love going out during the holidays, and enjoy looking at the lights with good friends, family, and a beer.

I would recommend making a trip out to see all that the Budweiser Brewery has to offer. I believe you will enjoy your little local adventure.

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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