Spring Canyon Park and Pineridge Open Space


Spring Canyon Park and Pineridge Open Space sit on the west side of Fort Collins at 2626 W. Horsetooth Rd. The park is about 100 acres in size with many wonderful features for one to enjoy. There are large opens spaces of grass for a game of soccer, a wonderful play ground, a water feature for kids to play in while it is hot out, and tennis courts open to the public. The park also includes a Dog Park with a pond for the dogs to swim in. There are additional items for enjoyment…just depends on what someone would like to do.

Spring Canyon Park is one of the access point for the Pineridge Natural Area, the park backs up to the natural space and trails. I often park at Spring Canyon Park and then go for a run through the Pineridge Open Space. To tell the truth I have done this for at least the past 15 years almost weekly in the summer. All of the trails through the natural space are dirt and rock with some hills on the west side. The trails rap around a small lake where people will often come to fish. I find the water to be quite peaceful as I run along its side. I often see many different types of birds and wildlife while on my runs.

The trails allow for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. Pineridge Natural Area is easy to access from town and is free to the public as long as you park at Spring Creek Park.

I truly treasure my morning runs through Pineridge Natural Area!


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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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