Odell’s Brewery


If there is one thing that has truly grown over the recent years in Fort Collins it is our Micro Breweries!!!

Odell’s Brewery was established in Fort Collins during 1989 and is employee owned. The Brewery sits just outside of the Old Town area at 800 East Lincoln Ave.  Odell’s 90 Shilling Ale is there #1 selling beer and is distributed all over America. The brewery is now the 22nd largest Micro Brewery in the US.

In Fort Collins where the beer is brewed, they have a wonderful Taproom and Beer Garden for customers to gather and enjoy. There are multiple beers on tap for one to taste…you can order a single draft or a flight to sample multiple beers at once. Every Wednesday evening all year long there is live music on the patio. There is also live music many other nights of the week…the live music dates and bands are listed on there website, it is up to date so check it out.

Chris and I enjoy ending a day of work together, sitting outside, and listening to music. It is like going on a small vacation in your own back yard. We also enjoy meeting up with friends for a relaxing get together and great conversations.

The brewery does not serve food but there are a variety of food trucks each evening to provide unique and enjoyable food offerings.

When in Fort Collins…the Micro Breweries are the place to be…it is a must do in our area.

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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