Lenders are not Scary…they are Awesome!


Why meet with a lender? For some of us the most important step in the home buying process is the scariest, or maybe I am just speaking for myself, however, meeting with a Quality Lender is the key to a successful home purchase.

The idea of meeting with a lender makes the home buying process real for most. There are many fears about this process…maybe the lender says you are not ready. Maybe they say you are ready, both can be fears for different reasons.

In the business of Real Estate, the lender will help the buyer to ***KNOW*** How do I make my dreams of home ownership a reality? How much home can I afford? Am I ready to buy now or do I need to wait?

Below are a few points on why meeting with a quality lender will help. The points below are my opinion on what works best for buyers, especially in our market.

**The home market in Northern Colorado requires that buyers are per-approved and provide a per-approval letter with any offer written for a property. To get a per-approval letter a buyer must receive this from a lender. If a buyer meets with a lender before starting to look the buyer will already have the ability to receive the per-approval letter once they find a property they would like to purchase.

**An appointment with a lender will help the buyer to know what price point to focus on when looking at properties. This focus will help the buyer to look at homes they can actually afford and feel comfortable moving forward to purchase.

**Once a buyer has met with a lender, they will understand how much money they will need for a down payment and the cost for closing the loan to purchase the property. FYI…not all loans are the same and each loan is able to be structured for buyers individual needs…to a point. Many buyers may have the opportunity to qualify for a grant program to assist buyers with the home buying process.

**In our market it is important to work with a local lender. Home buyers and Agents want to make sure the buyer are working with a reputable lender. Plus, working with a local lender is a benefit because a buyer can sit down and talk with someone them in person. Buying a home is a big deal and should include people you trust.

Quality Lenders are there to help buyers understand what they are able to do when purchasing a property. Maybe a buyer is more ready than they thought they were or maybe they still need a little time before they are ready to purchase. The lender will show the buyer the path for the results they would like to see come true.

Good Lenders are awesome and they are very helpful.

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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