Midtown Fort Collins


Mid Town Fort Collins is truly a city designation that has come about in the past 5-7
years. I really never heard of it being used until recently. This area sits just to the South
of Old Town and CSU campus.

The Mid Town area is a mix of residential homes, apartments, schools, and shopping.
The area spans from Elizabeth Street on the north side, to Horsetooth Road on the
south side, with Sheilds Street on the west, and Lemay Avenue to the east, at least this
is the area I would call Mid Town…some might have a different opinion.

Running along the spin is College Avenue which runs the North-South corridor and is
the main through-thru, where you will find most of the retail businesses. College Avenue
runs from the very north end of town to the very south end of town…you can even drive
all the way to Loveland about 12 miles down the further down College Avenue.
In the Mid-Town area the business become more of the corporate big box stores and
national restaurants. The shops also start to serve more of our home owners needs
such as grocery shopping, furniture, and home improvement/maintenance.

In our home market the Mid-Town area allows for larger home footprints and bigger lots with mature trees. Most of the homes in this area have been built between 1950 to 1980 and provides interesting and fun architecture, they are not cookie cutter homes.

This area is really on the map for home owners that want easy access to Mid Town, CSU, and Old Town Fort Collins. It is centrally located for people to easily access there work without having to drive. Many people can walk or ride their bikes to CSU from their Mid Town homes. Commuters also may us The MAX bus system to easily access CSU and Old Town from multiple pick up points along College Ave.

There are lots of bike friendly roads throughout Fort Collins which has lead us to be one
of the most bike friendly communities, I believe we are in the top 20 friendliest biking
communities. The city has a goal for over 20% of workers to commute to work via bike
by the year 2020. The city has made it a priority to add bike friendly lanes to our streets
which now provides bikers with over 280 miles of safe riding and 30 additional miles of
multi-use lanes/trails. Many of these bike lanes and trails can be accessed from our Mid
Town area.

Easy access into different parts of our community, wonderful residential options,
shopping, and entertainment have established Mid Town Fort Collins as another great
part of our community with lots of house opportunities for one to choose from.