The New Foothills Mall


The original Foothills Fashion Mall was built in 1973 and was located on the very south end of Fort Collins. The area is now what I would call Mid-Town and sits just to the East side of College Ave and North of Horsetooth.

As time passed, it became apparent that the Mall needed an up-date and to be revitalized. Fort Collins City Planning as a whole is very proactive with business to go in and revitalize areas instead of letting sprawl take over our beautiful area. I personally think this is one of the major components that keeps our area such a wonderful place to live. Thus the revitalizing of the Mall.

In February 2014 the remodel of the Mall began. In order to accomplish this task the developer and City of Fort Collins partnered up to guaranty that 70% of the demolition had to be recycled so that it would not go into our landfill. The partnership also included working with CSU graduate students so they could gain hands on knowledge of how to recycle buildings of this magnitude in the future.

The New Mall was Opened in Fall of 2015 and features over 670,000 sq ft of leasable space, multiple restaurants, and Cinamark XD Theater. On the east side of the mall there are  multiple new apartments for people to lease. They are built in an executive style and offer multiple amenities. As these building finish up and fill with residence I believe we will see the mall stores and restaurants fill to capacity.

In the summer out on the lawn area next to the beautiful fountain and the restaurants…one can listen to music for free on Sunday Evenings from 6:00-8:00pm. Free music in the summer evening is a popular attraction throughout Fort Collins. The Mall is still in process of being completely leased. However, it has lots to offer for those of us who have a little shopping bug.