The Key Hole


A beautiful way to start off the day is a hike along Devil’s Back Bone to The Key Hole. This trail sits just outside of Loveland and is easily accessed for a quick hike. The trail is about 2.3 miles long but can hook up with other trails to extend the length. The trail is gradual and easy to follow.

Cassie and I started our morning hike early from the parking lot located at 1725 Hidden Valley Dr in Loveland. The parking lot is quite large but can fill up since this is a popular spot. There is no fee to park at this location. There is water at the beginning of the hike for one to fill up their water bottles. The hike is mostly in the sun so it can be quite hot.

As Cassie and I walked along the trail we were enjoying the peace and quite of just getting outside. The rock outcropping known as Devil’s Back Bone which the trail parallels is quite majestic. At one point the trail and Devil’s Back Bone connect this is called The Key Hole. The Key Hole is a large opening through the rock outcropping which allows for an expansive view of the Front Range. There are nice benches here for one to sit and enjoy the view. It is also a great place to take a little rest while on the trail.

As we were hiking there were many families out on the trail. Since it is an easier hike it is one that many younger hikers are able to complete. There are quite a few benches along the trail for little hikers to stop and take a rest. While on the hike there are usually small animals, birds, and wild flowers to look at. This is also a great trail to run if you prefer running on dirt trails. Dogs are allowed on this hike but they must be on a leash.

Since this hike is mostly in the sun it is a great trail to take during the fall and winter months. The sunny days will clear the trail of snow most days during the winter months. In the summer months it is wise to start your hike early, there is little to no shade on the hike and it gets quite hot.

I always have a little pep in my step throughout the day when I have started off with a hike in our amazing Colorado area.

This is just another example of trails and hikes that are close by so get out and enjoy!!!

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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