It’s October so Lets Take a Ghost Tour!


The month of October can bring out the haunted among us…some may be closer than we think…

Tonight, our office was very brave and we took a haunted Pub Crawl Tour in Old Town Fort Collins. We enjoyed walking the streets, having some drinks, and hearing stories of our city’s history along with some strange happenings that have taken place in our past. Our tour guide Shane did a wonderful job of leading us around and under Fort Collins while telling us our history with some added humor.

We met at the Old Town Square to start our tour around 8:00pm from there we walked to our 1st stop at the CopperMuse Distillery. When we arrived we were escorted into the back area where we all were served some libations of our choice. Once settled in we began to hear historic stories of Fort Collins, the building, and old grave yards that no longer exist.

After finishing our drinks we walked down the back streets of Old Town to Prost Brewery. When we walked into the bar it was electric with Salsa Music and Dancing…which had nothing to do with the Ghost Tour but it was great fun to watch…who new, Salsa Dancing in Fort Collins.

Once, we all had our beers in hand we were escorted behind the bar and down the stairs that exist under a trap door…to the basement we descended. This is a true Old Town basement with dirt floors, a musty smell, rock walls, and Log Pole Pine Trees with the bark still on them as support beams. While all standing in the dark of the basement on dirt floors we were again entertained by stories of Ghostly Sightings and Local Legends.

Next, we moved on to our final stop of the evening which was located beneath The Kitchen restaurant in the Old Bank Building built by William Avery. We entered into the basement through Pine Ball Jones. Once we are settled in the back basement location we are introduced to the history of the Avery Family and the mysterious death or like many believe Murder of William Avery. It is believed that William Avery still walks the halls of his Old Banking Building.

The evening was super fun whether one believes in Ghost or not…the tour really showcases our rich history and legendary stories. There were so many wonderful stories told that I have decided, I really need to brush up on my Fort Collins History.

On our tour we stopped at 3 places but there are over 30 possible different stops for the Ghost Tours. Therefore, even if you have taken a Ghost Tour before one can always sign up for another adventure and it will be completely different.

Personal Note: If you are up for a fun evening walk around Fort Collins, a few drinks, some unique stops, and great stories then a Ghost Tour should be in your future. Ghost Tours are provided year around and not just in October. I would do it again!!!

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by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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