How to Prepare my Home for the Market…Tips


Once a person decides to sell their home…the real work begins.

As I write this I am going to assume that you have already reached out to your Realtor…

1st-Walk through your home with your Realtor…I suggest you do this before making any changes to your property…your Realtor will make suggestions on items that need to be addressed. They may even provide a meeting with a stager to meet you at your home. A stager is helpful because they are a neutral person seeing your home for the first time.  A stager might notice items that a seller has not noticed. Sometimes I find that sellers think they have to do more than they actually need to do to get their home ready. Walking through the home with a Realtor and/or Stager can save money and time through the selling process.

2nd-Take the time necessary to make the property and home ready to show. This is extremely important!! The more time sellers take to pack up items, clean, paint, or fix items that need to be repaired…I will guaranty…will help the property sell quicker and for a higher price. Many sellers under estimate the time it will take to prepare their home for the market. I think that taking this time will bring the seller the most benefits during the process.

3rd-Do those few extra things on the list…make it shine!!! This includes the property…do not forget to make your outside shine especially the entrance. The front of the property is the first impression for all buyers coming to see the home. Buyers notice a well taken care of property.

4th- Meet with your Realtor again to do a final walk through a day or two before having the professional photographs taken. This will guaranty that the property will show well through the pictures which is how buyers will first see your property.

5th-Address any left over items on the list. Do a final deep clean…clean sells!

6th-Get all paper work completed, photos taken, and list your property.

One a Personal Note-
Some sellers get upset at the idea of having to pack away personal items such as collectables, pictures, extra furniture, or clothing…your going to be moving…your going to have to pack it all up anyways…so you might as well pack it all up…get a jump on moving and start packing!!! Plus this will help your home to show well and sell.

The things that sell a property with little cost:
*Clean, Clean, Clean
*Light and Bright
*Rooms that Feel Spacious
*No Clutter
*Fresh Paint

I think fresh flowers also add that little extra touch…along with cookies.

Thank you for reading my Northern Colorado Lifestyle Blog!
by Tamara Suppes, Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent
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